Near death? Yep...
This happened in Expert System.
Believe or not, but I didn't die.

I'm good at not taking apples..
This was very unlucky day.
I didn't catch that apple.

Hmm.. Bad bug...
Hmm. I only wanted to drive
Labyrinth. A start bug.

Freefall is funny level.
This is not so rare. It is very
funny to fall freely in Freefall.

Try to do the same! :)
Hmm.. Strange.. My tyre
went inside a killer!!

Strange bug...
This is not driven by me, but
this is a strange bug.

Can you do this?
I took this screenshot from kgb:s replay.
(don't think I'm that good in Across)

Take this replay from PeXi's pages
This screenshot is taken from
PeXi's Problemo-rec.

This is hard...
This is headbanger. I have once succeed
to drive in this point of the pipe.

Good way to drive Labyrinth!
If you want good time in Labyrinth,
drive it this way and take the apple.

A kick to air!
A kick to air. Funny bug
in Apple Harvest.

Try the same!
Nice way in Expert System,
but hard to drive.. :)

acro13.jpg (3591 bytes)
Huh? This was close thing,
but I didn't die!! Replay coming soon.

acro14.jpg (4340 bytes)
I was just trying to drive slalom,
but my bike went crazy.

acro16.jpg (3934 bytes)
Whoa.. Tyre inside the wall
in Flat Track..

acro15.jpg (3709 bytes)
This was really close thing in
Uphill Battle. Replay soon..

acro17.jpg (3329 bytes)
Hmm.. I was just driving Freefall,
and this thing happened!

acro18.jpg (3885 bytes)
There were kick to air in this .rec,
but it's not in the picture.

acro19.jpg (4765 bytes)
Hmm.. a nice way to drive Jaws?
Replay soon (maybe)

acro20.jpg (4172 bytes)
Startbug in Jaws.
See the .rec...

If you want to download a rec, click the picture. (not available in all of pictures)
More screenshots in my bug-gallery!!

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